We at PAR understand that supporting our Products and Customers is extremely important. This is why PAR provides a 12 Month (1 Year) full parts replacement or repair warranty for any manufacturing, workmanship or quality issue for all of our gear sets and drive train products for that extra peace of mind.

A warranty claim applies if the transmission component is proved to be defective as a result of material or manufacture fault. Having said this, PAR will not design and manufacture a components if it will fail.  Also covered by the same warranty are any custom gear sets or ratios.

Any parts being returned for warranty must be shipped back by the buyer as packed/shipped  when purchased. PAR will not cover any shipping and costs related to transmission removal/refit or consumables.

Due to the nature of Race Use Only customer claims against the seller are excluded if assembly is incorrect, OEM component failure was the cause and sub standard lubrication is used. The correct lubrication and maintenance interval is mandatory to receive the full 12 month warranty.  API ratings. Gearbox oils are classified by the American Petroleum Institute using GL ratings. The higher an oil’s GLrating, the more pressure can be sustained without any metal-to-metal contact taking place between transmission components. With the high performance gear sets, contact ratios are reduced with the aggressive tooth profiles required for gear strength, hence in turn this introduces incredible stress and loads onto the transmission’s gear oil. The only grade gear oil recommended by PAR is a full synthetic SAE GL5 or GL6 for all transmissions with a recommended change interval of 5000km. Failure to comply with these recommendations can result in accelerated gear wear and breakage which will not be covered under warranty.

Some recommended gear lubricants are:

  • NEO Synthetic 75W-90HD
  • NEO Synthetic 75W-90RHD (highly recommended for circuit racing and prolonged high temperature applications)
  • Penrite Pro Gear 75W-90 GL5-6
  • Motul Gear 300 75W-90
  • Motul Gear Competition (recommended for circuit racing and prolonged high temperature applications)

With Dog Mesh Gear Sets, dog wear is dependant on the user and the set up of the vehicle. Warranty does not cover Dog Teeth wear. Having said this, PAR dog teeth over the years have proven to be very durable and do not wear when used and operated correctly.
Par designs and sells products for Race Use Only and is not liable for any damages or injury to persons or property resulting from improper installation, application and use. This applies to any part/product sold subject to warranty.
PAR is not responsible for any injury, damage or problems that may occur when installing and using any product. Please take proper safety precautions if you decide to use a product in a potentially dangerous or high risk situation/circumstance. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with any part or any step with the installation process, contact a PAR to assist you.

Warranty is only offered to the original buyer and warranty period commences from the day of shipping.

If  a warranty is implemented, the following conditions will apply; 

Customer is responsible for removing gearbox from vehicle.
Customer assumes all liabilities involving crating, shipping, and insurance to and from PAR, Australia.
Upon arrival, unit will be torn down and inspected.  If transmission is deemed defective following inspection, PAR will repair defective item supplying labor and necessary components at no cost to customer.  If unit has been abused or neglected during use and installation, warranty will be void.
All inspection work must be done by PAR Australia.
PAR will not absorb any secondary liabilities ie:  cost of R&R of transmission from vehicle, and work done at another facility.