TY75SH-SET – Subaru 5MT 1st~4th Synchromesh Engagement Gearset

Australian Dollars (AUD)

Australian Dollars AUD

650hp gearset to suit the Impreza WRX, Liberty/Legacy and Forester.






With the advancements in engine tuning technology and increases of modified vehicle’s engine outputs rising quickly in power and torque, it became apparent that a new revised gearset would be needed to fulfill the requirement of massive torque capacity, low NVH levels and ease of use for street driven vehicles.


The design and production teams at PAR have used the very latest in design and production technology, techniques and experience to produce a gearset of immense strength and refinement. Boasting the widest gears available to date with 4mm, 3.2mm and 2mm wider gears for 2nd, 3rd and 4th speeds respectively and the refinement of the tried and proven 450bhp 5MT gearset, the new 650bhp 5MT gearset is second to none.


– Rated to 650bhp
– Large optimised tooth profiles for every gear to provide maximum strength and reliability
– Straight cut 1st gear for minimal thrust loads when launching at full power. This protects the thrust bearings supporting the transmission shafts from the shock loads experienced during hard launches, especially when using puck type and multi-plate/rigid centre clutch assemblies.
– Option of helical or straight cut 2nd~4th speeds
– Inclusion of new billet 3rd/4th gear hub (OEM sintered metal hub fractures under large torque applications)
– Inclusion of billet 4 leg 3rd gear synchro friction ring (OEM 3 leg synchro friction ring often breaks from the impact of hard shifting)
– Gearset is a direct fitment into the standard factory transmission
– Addition of an uprated synchromesh engagement 5th gear available for customers with top gear full throttle applications


– Synchromesh engagement, helical cut gears (2nd~4th, 1st gear is straight cut)
– Synchromesh engagement, straight cut gears (1st~4th)
– Optional synchromesh engagement, helical cut 5th gear


– 1st: 3.18
– 2nd: 1.92, 1.85(helical)
– 3rd: 1.31
– 4th: 0.97, 0.95(helical)
– 5th: 0.73, 0.82, 0.88, 0.92 (Optional $640 AUD (plus GST))

– No extra cost custom ratios

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Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Liberty


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