RS5F50A – Nissan RS5F50A Dog Engagement Gearset

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Fitted to the following vehicles:
RNN14 – Pulsar GTI-R AWD
RNU12/HNU12/HNU13 – Bluebird AWD






Nissan’s AWD RS5F50A transaxle is fitted to the RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R and U12/U13 Bluebird vehicles.
Consisting of twin parallel shafts with 5 speeds and double cone synchronizers on 2rd and 3rd gear, these transmissions are the same as the RS5F50A FWD variants with the only real difference being a slightly different reverse gear configuration.


Queries are often made about the layout/configuration of the Nissan ATTESA system used in these transverse vehicles as it is very difficult to understand without having seen the internals of the transaxle and transfer case. The viscous limited slip differential housed in the main transmission case is the centre differential of the vehicle and directs drive to either the front or rear of the vehicle depending on the amount of slippage. Drive is sent via two hollow output shafts to both the front and rear differential via the right angle drive located in the transfer case. The outer shaft drives the rear differential via the rear output on the transfer case, whereas the inner hollow shaft drives the open front differential. The left hand front solid driveshaft through the centre differential and hollow shafts into the front differential located in the transfer case.


These transmissions are known to fail when driven hard with more power or with an aggressive clutch. Breakages are most often seen in 2nd and 3rd gears. Another common issue with worn transmissions is the collapse or loss energiser springs/clips from the 3rd/4th gear hub/slider which can cause selection issues for 3rd and 4th gears. The transmission housing’s strength is also a concern with Nissan fitting 4 different revisions through the vehicles 4 years of production. The latest revision features thicker case walls with extra ribbing and larger housing bolts.


Available in a 1st~4th dog engagement, straight cut configuration, the RS5F50A gearset is a normally stocked item which is suitable for the tough street vehicle and both drag or circuit racing applications. A number or ratios are available with an optional overdrive 5th gear set if required.


– Tooth profiles that reduce noise, wear and load forces on the standard OEM transmission housing
– Retension of OEM 5th gear assembly provides OEM NVH levels during cruise and freeway driving
– Straight cut gears (1st~4th) for maximum power transmission and minimal losses
– Straight cut gears also minimise thrust forces on the transmission housing
– Needle roller bearings minimise friction for maximum durability and economy
– Billet 3rd/4th shift fork
– No extra cost custom ratios
– Optional Final Drive Set $2,150 will suit OEM gears also.


– 1st: 2.69
– 2nd: 1.85
– 3rd: 1.31
– 4th: 1.10
– 5th: 0.96, 0.75 (Optional)
– Final Drive: 5.00, 4.38, 4.08, 3.90, 3.69 (Optional)




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RNN14 Pulsar GTi-R, RNU12/HNU12/HNU13 Bluebird

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  1. I have a fwd and awd Nissan RSF50A PAR gearsets for about 10 years in 2 of my cars and they have been great!

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