N14SS-SET – RS5F32A/V synchromesh engagement gearsets

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Synchromesh engagement gearsets for the B13, B14, N14, N15, P10, P11 with RS5F32A/V transaxle.






The Nissan RS5F32A/V FWD transaxle is fitted to a number of Nissan FWD vehicles mainly with the SR18/SR20 engines including the B13/B14 NX/Sentra, N14/N15 Pulsar and P10/P11 Primera. Twin parallel shafts are used with 5 forward speeds and reverse setup with a non-synchronized reverse idler gear used to mesh with both the input shaft and 1st/2nd gear slider on the main shaft. A single piece input shaft is used with 1st~4th gears cut directly into the shaft which are not interchangeable/removable with the 5th gear pinion running on the end.


Early vehicles were fitted with double synchronizers on 2nd~3rd gears with certain later > 94 vehicles upgraded to double cone synchronizers on 1st~3rd speeds.


The main weakness with the RS5F32 transmission is the small gear and tooth profile of the 3rd gear assembly which cannot cope with added torque provided by the popular fitment of SR20DET turbocharged and tough SR20VE engines conversions. The stock OEM crown wheel and final drive pinion gear are also supceptable to failure in high torque applications.


Available off the shelf is PAR’s renown fully synchronized straight cut gearset for the tough SR20 powered FWD vehicle. These are a direct fit with the option of both single and double synchronized 1st gears available ex stock. Due to the OEM 20.5mm x 18 spline size input shaft’s limited torque capacity in extreme applications, the billet input shaft included in the gear set has been uprated to the larger Nissan 25.5mm x 24 spline size.


– Tooth profiles that reduce noise, wear and load forces on the standard OEM transmission housing
– Multiple piece input shaft for added strength and ratio changes/repair
– 1st gear available in both single and double cone synchronizer versions
– Retension of OEM 5th gear assembly provides OEM NVH levels during cruise and freeway driving
– Straight cut gears (1st~4rd) for maximum power transmission and minimal losses
– Billet crown wheel and pinion shaft $2,150 (When purchased with a gear set – $1,840 AUD (ex GST))
– No extra cost custom ratios


– 1st: 2.70, 3.00, 3.11
– 2nd: 1.85, 1.92, 2.00
– 3rd: 1.24, 1.29, 1.44, 1.53
– 4th: 0.95, 1.11, 1.22
– 5th: 0.75, 0.85, 1.0 $940 (When purchased with a gear set – $750 AUD (ex GST))
.Final Drive Ratios 3.79, 3.87, 4.08, 4.38, 4.43, 4.83, 5.0


– B13/B14 NX100/NX Coupe/Sentra SE-R
– N14/N15 Pulsar/Sunny/Almera SR18/SR20
– P10/P11 Primera


Technical note:
– Fitment of the input shaft will require drilling of the transmission case input shaft hole out to 1″
– Custom 215mm clutch with 24 spline hub must be used with this gear set (can be supplied with gearset if required)
– In order to upgrade single cone synchronizer 1st gear transmissions to double cone sychronisers, the following Nissan OEM parts will be required
– 1st gear sychronizer baulk ring (1 x 32604-50J00)
– 1st/2nd gear hub/slider assy (1 x 32600-2J710

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B13, B14, N14, N15 Pulsar/Sentra/Sunny

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