01EDS-14SET – Audi 01E 1st~4th Synchro Mesh Gearset

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To cater for drag racing applications, a 1st~4th dog engagement gearset is available with optional synchromesh 5th and 6th gears for Vmax applications.


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With the 01E transmission used in a large number of Audi vehicles including high performance sedans and wagons, there has been a great demand for a stronger style gearset with both tall and close ratios. PAR has developed 2 main configurations of the 01E gearset to cater for the most common applications of circuit/rally and drag racing. Many customers have raised the issue of gearing that has been designed for relaxed Autobarn cruising rather than performance driving in racing applications.


This gear set is ideal for the big power cars that occasionally race and street drive and who shatter the standard OEM gear train



– Tooth profiles that reduce noise, wear and load forces on the standard OEM transmission housing
– Optimised Synchro configuration for all gears for easy of shifting and minimal lash
– Straight cut gears for maximum power transmission and minimal losses
– Retention of OEM shift mechanism and lockouts to provide OEM reliability and durability
– No extra cost straight cut or helical gears
– No extra cost custom ratio option


Common Ratios:

– 2.82, 1.92, 1.31, 0.95


Gear Set Includes:

Main Input shaft (Standard OEM 01E or 26 tooth Chevy Heavy Duty Clutch Spline),
1st Driven Gear,
2nd Driven Gear,
3rd & 4th Gear Cluster Tube,
3rd Driving Gear ,
4th Driving Gear,
5th and 6th option is an additional $940 per pair.


Technical note:
– On some models, circlip retaining thrust ring needs to be relocated from the top of first gear to the bottom of first gear. On other models, the circlip retaining thrust ring needs to be discarded to ensure correct axial float/clearance (Dog engagement 1st~2nd gear only)


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
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