With the larger number and variations in products being manufactured, individual processes and tasks have been grouped into departments in order to maximise production flexibility whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. Incorporated into our production processes and facilities is the 5S and Kanban Japanese process which were originally developed by Toyota. These globally recognised production techniques gives PAR the edge with a highly effective, efficient and optimal production environment. In some instances, lead times for production has dropped by a factor of 3.


Our fully climate controlled production facility ensures a consistent 22deg celcius all year round ensuring unchanging product tolerances and comfortable working conditions. Vibrations and noise levels are kept at bay with stations partitioned with acoustics controlling enclosures.


In addition to an efficient and optimal operating environment, state of the art machinery and equipment is required to perform the variety of tasks required. From taking the deepest chunks out of billet crankshaft billets to the finest micron tolerant finishing touches, our selection of equipment is nothing but the finest from manufacturers such as Liebherr, Mori Seiki and Okuma to name just a few.

Equipment Listing

  • Ogamato grinding
  • DCL¬† Electron Beam
  • CVE Electron Beam
  • Mori Seiki CNC 5 axis turning
  • Laser ID engraving/etching
  • Makino profilHTMLe grinding
  • Mitutoyo precision measuring
  • Mori Seiki MT2500SZ/1500
  • Liebherr LC-255 CNC vertical gear hobbing
  • Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machine
  • Mori Seiki MV-55 CNC vertical machining
  • Okuma MC-6H CNC Horizontal machining
  • Okuma MC-50H CNC Horizontal machining
  • Studer CNC cylindrical grinding
  • Sunnen ML-5000-G-MC CNC Power Stroked Honing
  • Sykes vertical gear shaping
  • Vision/Nikon profile projectors
  • Wheelabrator shot peening