A Crankshaft manufactured from a solid steel billet is the top end range of any performance engine. Not only is the integrity uniform, it also allows the designer to achieve the optimal shape for performance as the final cranks start from a solid piece of material. PAR’s speciality in unique cranks for the unique extreme application does not fit well with the use of large quantities of sub standard material for forgings. OEM forgings or casting are usually made from material that is just enough for standard applications and power, so are not suitable for high horsepower and extreme applications.

All crankshafts are fully counterweighted to allow for maximum torque and high RPM levels to be achieved with minimal harmonics generated by resonant frequencies as a result from whirling which is a common problem with semi counterweighted cranks. OEM cranks are mainly semi counterweighted to allow for casting and forging with minimal costs and were never designed to take high hp levels.

Weight is a common query. Weight should be considered relative to the application, in some situations where there is a big difference between bore and stroke ratio and a turbocharger is introduced, weight cannot be compromised since there will be a reduction in torque and strength, whereas on the other hand in a naturally aspirated engine, weight needs to be kept to a minimum.

MATERIAL: 4340 High Tensile Alloy Steel (Hardened and Tempered)